“When it comes to art, Lori has always said, “Go with what you adore – not what you think will suit or match your decor! If you love it – we’ll make it work.” As a result, I live with art that has become a part of me. Lori has used my paintings, masks and sculptures, to dramatically freshen and update my look by moving the various pieces around.” – Kara Kuryllowicz

“Lori’s understanding of colour helped me get outside my comfort zone. She understands colour, from the effect one colour has on the one beside it to how a colour’s undertones affect our perceptions of it. Lori brought colour into my life and home.” – Margit Pukonen

“Lori understood that as a non-profit organization, we required a simple look – nothing splashy or flashy. Because she’s incredibly well-organized, detail-oriented and a planner, nothing gets missed or left until the last minute. For Lori M Consulting, being on time and on budget is a top priority.” – Vickie Lane, SmartServe Canada

“Lori remains true to our tastes while broadening our perspectives. The end result is everything we hoped for and more.” – Betty Hutchins

“Lori quickly understands the style and look that suit us and never imposes her preferences on us. She’s willing to work with what we already have rather than insisting on wholesale change. She makes sure we’re ready for the tradesmen we’ve booked so that we’re not missing deadlines and extending timelines.” – Randy Kaye

“Using a designer is more cost-effective than fixing the mistakes that I’m sure to make. I appreciate Lori’s willingness and ability to work with the pieces that are dear to me, for example, family heirlooms and antiques. Unlike some designers, Lori would never insist that I get rid of everything that I love and start from scratch.” – Linda Duncan

“As incredibly busy professionals, my husband and I need a designer who is also a skilled project manager. We like knowing that we don’t need to check in or follow-up because we turn it over to Lori, and she gets it done.” – Francoise Ko